An ALEx Novel

Every culture has folklore: myths, legends, fairy tales, and while it should not have been a surprise to anyone that these stories held a shred of truth, humans have a history of looking the other way. In a world where magic has always existed, it is only with the introduction of federal protections that those who are "a little extra" (otherwise known as ALEx) have begun to live their lives exposed within society. It has been a bumpy transition and several organizations have stepped forward to try to smooth the way.
Marcus is a Guardian. His employer is one of the largest non-profits in the field of ALEx services. Founded by the archangels, the Guardian organization partners with federal, state, and municipal governments to offer assistance to all of Earth's children in a quest to bring in an era of acceptance. When a particular subset of the ALEx population begins to go missing, Marcus enters a clinical trial, undercover, to help identify the perpetrators. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned, and he becomes enmeshed in a complex political scheme by those who are seeking the origins of magic.
Cyra has made a name for herself by offering assistance to anyone or anything that falls on the ALEx spectrum; those who go unseen by world or whose numbers are too few to have a voice. Unfortunately, a ill-timed resurgence of demons, coupled with widespread misinformation on what species pose actual danger has put Cyra's organization in the spotlight. With a federal agent on her tail and near constant stream of clients who are "seriously, not demons," Cyra must find new allies if she's going to continue her mission and avoid arrest.
While on similar paths, but with different levels of resources, Marcus and Cyra must both navigate a rapidly changing political landscape and figure out who can be trusted in the fight for equality.

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